Back at it!

October 2017 – that was the last time I shared a session with you on this blog of mine.  Wow!! How does that happen?!  I guess my “official” excuse is that my business and my family moved in October 2017.  Life got very very hectic that month, and I honestly didn’t realize until today that I hadn’t posted since that time!

In October 2017 – my family bought a 1936 farmhouse on a few acres in Bartow, FL.  What a dream come true!  The property itself offers me and my clients a private outdoor setting, complete with grass fields, old fences, pine trees, and mossy oaks.   I even have a beautiful wisteria bush that blooms in the early spring, and have plans for a wildflower field AND a sunflower field eventually!  The following are some of the images I’ve captured here on our little bit of land.


I never actually had a dream of living in a house this old, but my husband and I have always wanted land.  And this house is so sweet for our family, and could not be more perfect for my business as well.  It needed some work though, so right at the height of my busy fall season that year we moved, and had to do a lot of very “urgent” house projects.  I didn’t actually get my new studio and office up and running until April.  But now that I am up and running and functional, it’s amazing!  I have a designated camera room with it’s own door to the driveway, and I have a gorgeous office with the most incredible view out the picture window.  My office is set up to now offer in person ordering sessions with clients after their proofs are ready.  It’s so ideal!  Below are lots of pictures of the process.  I do apologize for the poor cell phone quality of these, but it’ll give you a sense of the space at least.

Oh – I almost forgot to mention!  One of the bonuses of the new studio is that my good friend and amazingly talented newborn photographer Stephanie ( moved into the studio with me!  I still do a few in-home newborn sessions if a client requests them, but otherwise, Stephanie handles all the newborn sessions for her clients as well as my clients.  It’s a match made in heaven!  I love getting to assist her when I’m home, and she’s just fantastic to watch when she’s working with all the cute babies. 🙂

So, all of that being said, my new year’s resolution is to get back to blogging for 2019!  I felt like I had to explain my absence first, but I can’t wait to start sharing all the fun sessions I’ve been busy with so far this year.