Hampton 7 months | Lakeland baby photographer

Last spring I had a lot of maternity sessions all happening around the same time.  Well, all those precious babies are now sitting up on their own and got in front of my camera this past fall!   Hampton was one of them.  This kid….. he smiled the whole time, is so adorable, and just loved to be loved.  His outfit was the best and we got some really great images.  This is probably my favorite baby stage to photograph – they really start to show their personality, can sit up on their own, and can’t crawl away yet. 🙂  Here are some favorites.

2017-01-06_0001 2017-01-06_0002 2017-01-06_0003 2017-01-06_0004 2017-01-06_0005 2017-01-06_0006 2017-01-06_0007