Rachel & Kaylee | Orlando tween photographer

This next session showcases two of my favorite tweens – my dear friend Lydia’s girls, Rachel & Kaylee.  Lydia and I have known each other since college.  In the past few years I’ve had the incredible opportunity to travel with her all over the world photographing corporate events.   On those travels, she and I often talked about the direction I see my business going and what dreams and goals I have with photography.  So in 2016, she put her amazing graphic design and human insight skills to work on re-branding Beth Carter Photography.   Through that process, she developed my new Teen brand – Real Me, Teen Photography by Beth Carter.  The more I started working with middle schoolers especially – I’ve wanted to work with her twin girls.  They are seriously the sweetest, kindest, and all around just really cool 7th graders!  We FINALLY met up to do their family session in October, but first we focused on the girls.   Part of my goal with every teen session is to capture what’s important to my subjects.  What makes them unique.  What they are most interested in.  Rachel is a very talented artist.  Kaylee loves to read.  And they both have a little skater girl in them.  So we pulled all these fun elements together for a great session.  Here are just few fav’s – it was very hard to pick just a few!

2017-01-05_0001 2017-01-05_0002 2017-01-05_0003 2017-01-05_0004 2017-01-05_0005 2017-01-05_0006 2017-01-05_0007 2017-01-05_0008 2017-01-05_0009 2017-01-05_0010

Love this behind the scenes shot of the girls with Dad during a break.  🙂


Oh – did I metion they are musical too?! 🙂