Real Estate Photography

I wanted to take a moment to share about another aspect of Beth Carter Photography that is new and exciting for me.  About a year ago I was hired by Florida Kitchen and Bath Designs to take some professional pictures of their work in people’s homes. I really enjoyed the project and feel that the images I took brought value to the company that hired me in showcasing their work on facebook and their website.   You can see some of those images on the header of their website here.

Then about a month ago, I was asked to come take some professional pictures of the interior and exterior of a home for sale.  This house had been on the market for months, without much serious interest.  Within weeks of posting my images online, they had several serious offers on the house, and are now in the process of finalizing a contract.  Here is a testimonial written by the home owner:

“We had our house on the market for over 6-months, with not much interest except when we first listed our home.  Up to that point we only had basic camera shots of the house online.  We hired Beth to come take professional pictures of the interior and exterior of the house.  Within two weeks of putting those images on our realtor’s website, we began receiving numerous requests to show our home and offers starting coming in.  We should close on the sale of our house by the end of the year!  Beth was amazing to work with.  She was very creative in being able to get special angle photos that are difficult to get without having professional lenses.  She took night photos as well which feautered the landscape lighting and the pool and lanai deck at night, which are truly beautiful. I’d highly recommend Beth to anyone who really wants an edge over the competition of using standard photos when you really want and need the home to stand apart and above the rest!”

Here is an interesting article I found about weather or not realtors should use professional real estate photography.  Here are some stats:

Professional photos are statistically proven to help agents:

  • Sell listings 50% faster
  • Sell listings 39% closer to list price
  • Generate 118% more online views

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If you are a home owner or realtor needing to take your listings to the next level, please contact me for a quote.