2013 Mini sessions – Part 1 [Lakeland/Winter Haven family & children photography]

Must…..finish….blogging….2013!  I was on a roll last month and then got distracted again.  But my sessions at the end of 2013 were all so fun, I don’t want to NOT blog them. 🙂 So even though it’s February, we will continue to walk down memory lane, while I sprinkle in current sessions as I finish them.

Every fall I offer one afternoon of mini sessions.  This year we actually got rained out, in November! It was crazy.  So I had to do some of these on different days, but it was still a lot of fun.

This first family is one of my “regulars” for mini sessions.  I love catching up with them every year, and watching their boys grow.   I’m so thankful to call a lot of my clients “friends”, and these guys definitely qualify.


And this family….I’ve known them since before their youngest was born.  In fact, they were one of my first clients starting out. I wasn’t even a mom yet! 🙂 It’s been a while since I had the chance to photograph them, so I was super excited when she called to sign up for a mini session.  These kids have grown up so much and have turned into such beautiful kids.



And just for kicks…here’s one of the first portraits I got of the kids back in 2005.  So cute!



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