And then there were 4….

One of my other mini sessions from October was a good friend of mine and regular client.  I joke that she should earn “frequent flyer miles” or something for the number of times I’ve photographed her and her beautiful children.  She is on her 4th Little Miracles Collection baby plan!  We met on a Friday to get some updated images of her older children.  Just 4 days later she had baby #4.  So I’ve included some of his newborn session from a couple of weeks later as well.  Enjoy!

I can’t get over how handsome this little guy has become…

And this one…gracious!  I could just eat him up he’s so cute!  He gave me so many expressions I had a hard time choosing my favorites…

And big sister…she’s got her work cut out for her with 3 little brothers!

I wish I looked this good just days before delivery!  From this….

… this.  It doesn’t get any better!


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