In the first four years of my business, I only had two opportunities to photograph high school seniors.  This year, in the past month actually, I have had the privilege of working with 4 incredible seniors.  The first was the young man that I already shared with you.  The last were three gorgeous young ladies.  I was a little nervous at first because all three wanted to shoot in roughly the same area downtown and all three sessions were in the same week.  I was really worried that all the images would come out looking the same.  Boy was I wrong!  Each girl was so unique in her look, her personality, and her outfit choices.  The results were just as unique and I am equally excited about all of them!  I already shared a sneak peak from Morgan's session.  Now I want to introduce you to Audrey.

I loved everything about Audrey's outfit and style…especially her shoes!  Mom said she wasn't sure at first about even wearing them, but I am so glad she did.  I tried to get some shots that really showcased the shoes, and of course got even more that focused on her beautiful face.  Audrey also needed a graduation announcement.  So I designed a new type of card for her that I will discuss in more detail in an upcoming post.  For now just know that all the images seen below with graphics on them were the ones used in her announcement.




Audrey-Front-Middle-Left Audrey-Front-Middle-Right



Good luck with graduation next week Audrey!  Congratulations on such an important time in your life!




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  1. Beth, These are INCREDIBLE!!!! I love the processing. Love,love, love the sassy poses…especially the first one! Super!

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