I just realized that Tuesday is almost over and I haven’t blogged yet today!  I don’t want to miss the first day of my new habit. 🙂 

Here are some images from one of the newborn sessions I had in January.  This little girl is so cute!  This first shot is probably my favorite – she looks like a dancer with those arms.


She would barely open her eyes during the whole shoot.  My lights must have been a little bit brighter than she was used to.  This was one of the few open eyed shots I got.  Her little mouth cracks me up!


A nice portrait with mom and dad…


One thing that I’ve learned in the past few months with my many, many newborn sessions is that you never know if it’s going to be easy or really difficult to capture a great image.  This particular session was more of a challenge.  Baby girl cried a lot, didn’t like to be naked, didn’t like my lights, etc.  Dad had to put the pacie in her mouth and take it out right before I clicked the shutter.   So just a word to all moms out there….Yes it can be stressful sometimes and may seem impossible, but we usually end up with plenty of great images in the end.   Persistence pays off – I promise!!


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