Back in full swing

Well, my summer vacations are over and I’m back in the swing of things with photography.  It feels good though!  The night I came home last week I was on the computer for probably 5 hours straight.  My husband was like "I take it you didn’t have access to your email in North Carolina?"  Um, no!  I sure didn’t! No computers, and barely any TV.  It was really nice though – my family spent a lot of time on the porch enjoying the amazing mountain air, playing cards, working on Sudoku puzzles, and just spending time with each other.   But now I am glad to be back online and working on pictures.  I had a shoot earlier this week with some long time friends of mine, and then had the opportunity to attend a 1st birthday party this afternoon (pictures of the birthday boy to be posted next). 

Here are a few shots from my first shoot this week.  I have pretty much known these guys since I moved to Lakeland over 10 years ago.  It’s neat to see them now with their two adorable boys.   The little guy is 3 months and the older one just turned 2.  They gave me a work out, but it was worth it.   Here are just a few highlights.





You guys are growing a beautiful family! Keep up the good work! *wink*wink*


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