Beautiful night, beautiful family

Tonight I had a photo shoot with a family I’ve been trying to schedule with since last fall.  I’m so glad we were finally able to coordinate our schedules.  The park we went to was very crowded with a wedding rehearsal going on and several limos full of high school kids taking pictures before prom.  But we were able to work around everybody and get some great images. 

Here’s one of the entire family…


Hopefully I’ll get to take this girl’s senior portraits next year – she was a great model!  I had fun with her and her boyfriend…



They had their granddaughter for the weekend, so we took pictures of her as a surprise for her mom for Mother’s Day.  Isn’t she an absolute doll?!



And just for fun… I told mom and sister to kiss brother on the cheek.  Here’s his reaction to that suggestion…


And here’s the result…


Anyway, thanks to the *B* family – I had a really good time with you tonight!  I’ll finish processing your proofs this weekend.


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