Blog construction & ‘B’ family

You may have noticed a new banner at the top of this blog.  It won’t be long now before my new website goes live, so I started working on updating the blog to match the new website.  I’m having some trouble getting the design of the blog to line up correctly….so please be patient with things as I get everything tweaked. Thanks!

Technically I’m 7 minutes past my weekly deadline of posting pictures to the blog, so I thought I’d include a few images I’ve been working on this week.  These are from a Christmas session I had back in November.  Due to the craziness of the holiday season for myself and this family, we’re just now getting an album put together of their session.  This was a really fun afternoon.  I met them at their house so we could do a family portrait on their boat dock.  They have the most beautiful view from their backyard, but the sun was a little harsh when I got there.  So we did a lot in the shade first.  Then I asked if I could hang around for another 30/45 minutes for the sun to set on the water before taking their family portrait for the Christmas card.  I had a blast taking pictures of the kids playing on their swing set, kicking around the soccer ball with their son, playing chase with their daughter, and getting to know mom and dad a little better.  Finally the light was "just right" and we got what has become one of my favorite family shots of the year.

First – the adorable little girl…



Then the handsome "young man"…



I love this one of the two kids together on the dock…


This one was taken after we’d been playing and hanging out trying to kill time for the sun to go down.  I love the set up of this shot, but the kids were having too much fun and were a little "over" posing for pictures at this point.  But I actually like the goofy faces I got when I asked them to smile for me…


And finally, the shot we had waited for.  It was so worth the wait…


Thanks ‘B’ family – I really enjoyed our time together that day.


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