Carson & Christie

As most of you know…I do not photograph weddings.  I much prefer all the little kids and babies and wonderful families that I get to work throughout the year.  But every now and then, a bride asks me to shoot her bridal portrait.  I get so excited because brides are beautiful, and their dresses are beautiful, and their hair, and jewelry, etc, etc.  And they do what I ask and I don't have to chase them around which is a nice plus as well! 

I photographed Christie's nephew last year, so I had already met her at a prior session.  She got married last Saturday and called me the week before to see if they could squeeze in a last minute bridal portrait.  Of course I was thrilled, especially since this is a family I already know and adore.  Sydney was even more excited than me that a bride was coming to our house!  Christie was so great with Sydney and even posed for a few shots with her (I'll post those later).  For fun, I asked if she would be interested in doing a "trash the dress" session after the wedding with her husband.  I've been dying to do a session like this at my new favorite outdoor location.  She happily agreed.  Here are my favorites from both sessions.  I am beyond excited about how these turned out and can't wait to share more!!