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I have a stat counter attached to my blog that tells me who is looking at it, how many times it has been viewed, and where the viewers are located.  There is also this really cool recent visitor map feature that has little balloons over the areas where my blog has received hits.  I recognize some of the towns listed, knowing that I have family or friends in those towns.  But more and more balloons are popping up in areas where I don’t know anybody personally.  It’s pretty amazing to me to see this and realize this many people are looking at my work on a regular basis.  So thanks everyone for checking out my blog!  The internet really makes the world a smaller place doesn’t it?


PS. The UK balloon is from someone at the company I used to work for (they have offices in the UK).  And I’m pretty sure the Romania and Cameroon balloons are from clients of mine who are on the mission field.   


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