Coni & Addalyn [Lakeland senior & baby photography]

My last post introduced you to Emi.  Well, now I want to introduce you to her sister Coni.  I met up with Coni for her Senior pics – she graduates this month!  I don’t think she’ll mind me sharing this part of her story… she started her senior year as a new mommy of a 1 month old baby girl named Addalyn.  Obviously this wasn’t part of her original plan, but I have so admired her and her entire family for the way they handled this beautiful little girl coming into their lives at such an unexpected time.  Lucky for me – Coni brought Addalyn to her session – so we combined my two favorite subjects!  This means there are way too many images I want to share…so here you go. 🙂



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  1. Thank you Beth! It has been a lesson in dignity and grace…which we struggled, and continue to struggle with at times…but God saw us through and continues to teach is as we continue on this journey. Coni is a great mother and is growing in wisdom every day! You are correct, this was not part of HER original plan but it was God’s plan for her…and her family. We would not trade this journey for anything! We are blessed beyond measure! ~Grandmother of The Advanced One 😉

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