Custom Card design option

I am now offering an option for completely unique, completely customized cards – for Christmas, birth announcements, party invitations, you name it!  A good friend of mine, Lydia Paterson, is a very talented graphic designer who lives in Orlando.  We actually met at Florida Southern College where we both earned our Accounting degrees.  After we both worked in the corporate accounting field for a few years, we both ended up migrating over to the arts.  She went back to school and earned a degree in graphic design, whereas I started my photography business on the side.  We laugh how neither of us are in the business world anymore, and now we both own our own artistic businesses.  She has actually branched out into photography as well, starting with commercial jobs and now weddings and portraits. 

We've talked for a while about figuring out a way to team up with my photography and her design talent.  Last month I had a client that was looking online for a birth announcement.  Nothing she found really fit her style or her desire to showcase 5 images of her little baby girl.  So I thought that would be a great opportunity to try out Lydia's design expertise.  I sent her the images, along with pictures of my client's nursery and asked her to match the lady bug theme of the baby's room.  This is what she came up with.  Of course we were so pleased with how adorable these announcements turned out! 



If you would like to have Lydia design something completely unique to you, not to be used by any other client like my other templates allow, then please let me know.  The upcharge for this service is $30 in addition to the price of the cards.   Be sure to check out her website to see some of her other design work she's done on a commercial and freelance level.


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