Emalyn [Lakeland baby & children photography]

One night this week I met up with a couple photographer friends to do some “for fun” shooting.  One of the girls brought her beautiful baby girl, just shy of 3 months old.  That’s normally a hard age to photograph as they can’t quite sit up yet and you aren’t guaranteed a smile.  But Emalyn was such a great little model.  She was so strong and stayed propped up nicely. 🙂

When we first arrived at our meeting spot, it was POURING rain.  But we waited to see what was going to happen.  Sure enough, the rain only last about 10 minutes, then the clouds moved on and a beautiful sunset emerged.  The post-storm light was gorgeous!  You can see in this first shot that it was actually sprinkling slightly when we first started.

A little bit of drool never looked so cute. 🙂

Emalyn and her pretty mama…


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