Exciting news about a favorite couple! [Lakeland, Winter Haven family photography]

Ok – I’ve been sitting on these pictures for 2 months now, which I feel awful about!!  But even though I’m late sharing these, they are still worth sharing.  For anyone that has followed my blog for the past 4 years, you will recognize this couple.  The original post I did with them was in 2010 – and was on my old blog, so I can’t link to it now.  But to sum up their story….on June 16th, 2008, after being married for only a year or two, Aaron was in a major accident, and suffered a severe head trauma.  He has been fighting his way back for the past 6 years, with his beautiful wife Renee by his side every step of the way.   Unfortunately, I don’t get to see them much more than for our annual photo shoot, so here are the milestones I’ve witnessed from behind my camera:

2010 – it was HUGE for Aaron to be able to leave the rehab facility and come to my home, and actually make it into the house to have some studio images done.  I remember Renee telling me she really wanted some shots of him standing. 

2011 – we met outdoors this time.  Renee wanted me to capture her and Aaron walking – holding hands.  That was “the” shot that year.

2012 – In June we met at Lakeland Regional Medical Center to get some images of Aaron in front of the entrance – this marked 5 years since the accident.  Later that year, Renee jumped at the chance to take one of my beach mini session slots.  It was another huge accomplishment to be able to get Aaron out to the beach, get shots of them standing in the water together, and snuggled down in the sand.

2013 – They were new parents for a 4 legged furry puppy!  This was their first “family” portrait as a family of 3. 🙂 Jasper did really well, he and I really hit it off. 🙂

March 2014 – Renee was ready to make a HUGE announcement to family and friends, anyone and everyone that had loved them and supported them over the years.  Aaron was finally moving HOME!!!  I was so honored to meet them at their house over spring break to get images for her to use for her online announcement.  Aaron didn’t even know why we did this shoot…he was probably getting pretty sick of me taking his picture! But the announcement was a surprise even to him.  So amazing.

Renee – you are truly an inspiration.  You have honored your husband, your God, and your vows in a way most of us will never have to.  Aaron – you are so blessed to have Renee in your life.  And you yourself are just as much a fighter.  Your attitude is always so great when I see you.  I am so happy for you that you are finally home where you belong!



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