Gorgeous Family – lots of pics!

A couple of months ago I spent an afternoon with this great family.  It was time for baby sister’s 3 month portrait and big brother’s 18 month portrait.  We also got an updated family shot while we were at it.  Aimee has actually become a great friend of mine.  She has taken up the addictive hobby of photography in her "spare" time.  So we have a lot of fun talking about all things photography.  She is naturally a very creative person, so I loved some of the ideas she came up with for this shoot…such as using this AWESOME chair her mom had in an upstairs bedroom.  I thought it was an absolutely perfect way to show off her baby girl’s amazing silk christening gown. 


I just love those cheeks!  They remind me of my little girl’s…


The girls…


Big brother has those same cheeks…



What a beautiful family…


The guys having a little fun in the backyard…


This is just too cute (Grandma’s dog hitched a ride in the wagon)…


So thank you Aimee!  I had fun as usual! Can’t wait ’til next time… 


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  1. hee! hee! Just fabulous! Is it terrible to say that my own kids are TOOOOO CUTE!!!!!??? I just love these.

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