Grandchildren [Lakeland children and teen photography]

So, it’s mid July and the summer is going strong.  We’ve been busy with free movies, swim dates with friends, Vacation Bible School, and lazy rainy days doing puzzles and watching tv.  Today is one of those rainy days, so I thought I’d jump on the computer to see how behind I am on blogging.  It’s been a quiet month with only a couple of sessions scheduled – which I love in the summertime.  But the spring was especially busy for me this year, so I still have lots of sessions to share with the blog world.

I wanted to start with a session I did as a surprise Mother’s Day gift for the family of a good client of mine.   I met up with her over a couple of afternoons when she had all her grandkids with her.  We photographed the kids downtown, then picked out large canvases and wall prints to surprise the kids’ moms with for Mother’s Day.  What a great gift!!

The oldest granddaughter is seriously model material.  I had so much fun with her and can’t wait to do her senior pictures in a couple of years!


Then we moved on to the littles.  The kids are so much fun, and this was my first time meeting the youngest who wasn’t quite 1 yet.


Portraits always make the best gifts! Keep that in mind when another special day roles around for your loved ones. 🙂


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