Here comes the Bride

In case you didn’t know already, I am not a wedding photographer.  I have been a second shooter for another local photographer several times and have done one by myself, and as a result decided I do NOT want to do weddings.  Too much stress and pressure.   Having said that, I LOVE to photograph brides.  I’ve only done a few, but bridal portraits are just so much fun and always, always turn out beautifully.  You really can’t go wrong… perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect dress.  Gorgeous portrait.  Well, I had the opportunity to work with a bride today.  This was my last of 3 shoots today.  The other two involved little kids – who you know I love! – but it was nice to work with an adult that stood still and did exactly what I told her to!  So here are a few that stood out as I was quickly looking through them.  Ms. L – you were stunning.  Thank you for allowing me this privilege…





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