I got back to town on Saturday.  Spent a relaxing day with my family on Sunday.  Then Sunday night I made a list….I’m very much a list person.  It’s so much less stressful to have everything written down that has to be done.  Plus I feel a great sense of accomplishment as I am able to cross off each item.  And yes, I list each item individually so there’s more for me to cross off!  (Instead of "clean the bathroom", I list "clean the sink, clean the toilet, clean the shower".)  So my list Sunday night was a full page and a half on regular notebook paper.  Crazy!  Some were personal items, but most were photography related.  There are so many things going on in the photography world right now….I have trouble falling asleep at night because I’m so excited about everything I want to start doing and offering to clients.  A lot of it I will wait to unveil after the first of the year, but there are a couple promotions I’m working on for the upcoming holiday season.  So stay tuned for more updates!

One of my urgent projects is clearing off my hard drive.  I realized recently that I only have 3 GB of space left on my drive that holds all my pictures.  So burn baby burn!  I’ll be giving my CD burner a workout this week. 

Later this week I’ll post some pics of my latest vacation to my grandparent’s house, as well as a few shots from this morning’s photo shoot of a family with two adorable little boys. 


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