Little Miss ‘D’

I promised you more of this little girl.  I could have posted 20 pictures here, they all turned out so great.  But here are a few of my favorites from her 1 year session. 

I attended a seminar recently at another local photographer’s studio.  He made a strong point about how powerful non-smiling portraits can be.  Smiles with teeth are cute, but the smile can sometimes distract from the beauty of the overall portrait.   A lot of parents love and buy the smiling pictures, but I am always drawn to more serious expressions, even on children.  There is something more timeless about it – more of an heirloom quality.  Having said all of that, this is probably my favorite of the whole session.


Look at those eyes – and such perfect skin. 


Sucking on mama’s pearls…Yummy!


This is one happy little girl!



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