Mia – 1st Holy Communion [Lakeland children photography]

I mentioned yesterday that I forgot to blog about this beautiful girl from almost a year ago.  I just had to share before I moved on with the rest of the family sessions from the fall.  Hope you don’t mind!  Mia was getting ready for her 1st Holy Communion, so I met her and her mom at Hollis Gardens one Saturday evening in April of last year.  It was one of those nights that had so many events going on in that area!  There was a concert on the lake, and it must have been homecoming or something as well.  The gardens were FILLED with people EVERYWHERE taking pictures.  It was a challenge to not get other people in every one of these shots.  But we did it!  I just love sessions for young girls having their first communion.   Mia was so so beautiful in her dress and her hair was perfection (thanks to Serendipity Hair Salon).   What else can I say…see for yourself….



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