Miss ‘M’ [Lakeland children photography]

This past weekend I was reunited with one of my former baby plan members…sweet not-so-little-anymore Miss M.  I haven’t seen her or her parents since her 1 year session last year.  I just love how much of a difference a year makes!  She’s BEAUTIFUL!  She was beautiful before as a baby, but wow – she has so much hair now, and I loved listening to her talk and watching her interact with me more than she ever did before.  The 2 year old stage can sometimes be a difficult one to photograph, but she was a dream.  So full of smiles and fun and she LOVED being in front of the camera.  We started off with the “fancy” clothes – complete with her favorite jewelry.  (Apparently she loves all things “pretty”).  Then she got more casual for some playground time.    I’m so thankful for families like this one.  Such genuine, sweet, and fun people that invite me into their lives for brief but important moments in their young family.  It’s an honor. 🙂

Let’s start this off with a little dance party (no music required!)



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