Moments | After school

This week we have had such amazing weather, and my kids have taken full advantage of it.  They have recently made friends with a couple of other boys that live on either side of us, and Sydney just learned how to ride her bike without training wheels, so every day they are outside after school hopping from yard to yard, playing, and riding bikes.  I love it!  Gets them away from the TV and they don’t fight as much with each other when other kids are around. Can anyone else relate to that?  I brought out my camera the other day to capture a little bit of what “after school” looks like right now for them.

Doing homework in the driveway to enjoy the cool breeze….

Playing sword fight with other neighborhood boys…. (forgive the quality of this image, it was shot across two driveways b/c my child wouldn’t let me take his picture in his costume that he dressed himself in!)….

Riding bikes while wearing a Spiderman glove and a pirate’s eye patch (which he took off when he saw my camera)…

Eating Popsicles for snack time….

Creating an obstacle course in the driveway….

You earn points for everything you don’t hit with your bike (hey, I don’t make up the rules)….

Riding a bike with NO training wheels!…

Here’s hoping for more beautiful weather before the Florida heat takes over!


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