New birth announcement / card options

With the new digital age, there are many online vendors out there that offer adorable birth announcement cards.  In the past I have designed birth announcements myself, but I feel like there are cuter and higher quality options available that I should utilize.  So from now on, if you would like a birth announcement with one of the pictures that I have taken of your little baby, here are the details you should know….

COST: $20 for use of 1 image, $30 for use of 2 or more images + cost of cards

WHO: I have found three great vendors that have adorable photo card designs to choose from.  I feel these cards are of the proper quality and style to best represent Beth Carter Photography. (price range: $1.69-2.69 each) (price range: $1.69-2.29 each) (price range: $1.69-2.29 each)

HOW: Pick out your card and figure out any extra options you desire as well as the quantity you need.  Call me or email me with your choices and I will actually order the card for you.  I will simply charge the exact cost of the cards back to you.  My only profit will be the $20 or $30 usage fee for my images.

WHY: Why not give you the file to do this yourself?  Well, #1 I don’t sell my negatives.  And #2, ordering the cards for you enables me to still stamp the back of them with my company information.  This allows all of your friends and family to still be aware of who took the picture of your child.  I am giving up some profit dollars for you to have more card options, but I’d still like the photo credit. Thanks!

**If you find another company of similar quality and style to the three I have listed above, I am open to still using this same process.  However, I am not willing to do this for cards you can get from Walmart, Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc.  Nothing against these companies, but I don’t feel like they would represent my company well.  Thanks for your understanding in this matter.**

NOTE:  This will also be my new policy for holiday cards when Christmas roles around again. 


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