NEW! Image files on CD for sale from your session

Hi everybody! I get asked all the time if I sell the rights to the images from my clients' sessions. After much research and thought, I've decided the answer is now YES! Here are the details:

COST: $450 – this is an introductory price! This is subject to change in the future.

– all of your session images on CD.
– a card explaining that you have the right to print the images wherever you'd like with my contact information (in case a lab questions you).
– 1 complimentary 8×10 art print, mounted and sprayed (your choice of image!).

If you would like to purchase the session CD from a session before June 2009, the price will be $300 each. For sessions older than last year, the proofs were not cropped or enhanced before presenting to the clients. These will be "straight out of the camera" images. I will not retouch anything for the session CD. Files will be "as-is".

I have made every effort over the life of my business to backup every session that I've ever shot. If you would like a disc of a session from three/four years ago, I will try to provide one for you. That being said, I make no guarentees that the backup discs from that long ago are still good and can still be copied.

Alright folks…I guess that's it! Please call or email me if you have any questions. Thanks!!


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