As a photographer, it is so easy to get in ruts.  Same lighting, same locations, same composition of shots.  So to try to keep fresh, I often get on other photographer’s websites to see what the latest trends are.  Lately I’ve seen a lot of photographers move into the world of blogging.  I remember when I first heard the term "blog", and I wondered what kind of people would spend enough time on the Internet to actually keep up with something like that.  Well, here I am!  Blogs have turned into a great way to keep up with long distance friends and family, even local friends and family.  They make wonderful on-line scrapbooks.  And in the world of photography, they are a great way to show off a favorite image, or the latest photo shoot.  Perhaps my favorite aspect is that they allow the photographer to give the world a glimpse into the story behind the image…you never know what goes into making an amazing portrait. 

So that is why I have started this blog.  To give you all a peek into my world, my thoughts, and my side of the lens.  Enjoy….


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