Nice change of pace…

As you can probably tell from looking at my website, the majority of my clients are families with small children.  That fact is kinda funny to me sometimes because back in the day (before marriage), I did NOT care for kids!  They used to annoy me.  I never babysat, I never helped with the childcare at church.  Even when I first started with photography, I wanted to do all landscapes so I wouldn’t have to deal with people.  But now I consider myself primarily a children’s photographer.  And I love it!  Kids are the greatest to work with (most of the time).  I usually just let them be themselves and we end up getting something wonderful on film.  That being said, it is a nice change of pace for me to be able to work with adults every now and then.  I’ve done a few business head shots and only 1 high school senior before this year.  However, in February, I had the honor of photographing my 2nd high school senior!  This girl was so sweet.   We went downtown on a Sunday afternoon when the streets were pretty much deserted.   I had a blast!  Here are a few of my favorite shots.  Thanks to this sweet girl and her mom for allowing me to capture the baby of their family!





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