Last month I had the privilege of photographing several newborns – all boys I think.  It has happened again the past couple of weeks, and this time they are all girls.   I met two this week and I will meet the other next week.   The two this week were both two weeks old and so tiny!  They were both smaller than my daughter was when she was born.  The other great thing about these girls is that they both slept for me – at least for part of the shoot.  It’s hard to get little babies to stay asleep in my studio.  But I got so many great images of these precious sleeping little girls.  Here are some favorites of little girl #1 (I haven’t gone through #2’s proofs yet).  Daddy wanted to see these, so I’m posting them ahead of some shoots I still need to share with everyone.   I’ll catch up one of these days!

One of my personal favorites…


Big sister’s looking out for her already!



Did I mention how much I LOVE sleeping babies?!


Ok – altogether now – "AAAWWW" – big sigh… (Does this make anyone want another baby? Not me – yet!)


Full body pose…


Thanks ‘H’ for letting me capture this special time in your lives.  You have two beautiful girls!


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