Sneak Peak – Miss S

I don’t usually post sneak peaks on the blog.  I usually wait until I’ve completed an order to post the final images.  But I was proofing this session tonight of this beautiful 13 year old young lady, and this shot really stuck out to me.  I just had to share!  Miss S lives in Romania with her parents, three little brothers, and grandparents.  They are missionaries who live in and operate a children’s home for orphans.  Well, Miss S’s grandmother brought her back to the states for 8 weeks of pampering with friends.  And from what I can tell, she deserves it!  She was so polite during our time together.  It’s hard to believe she’s only 13 when I look at this image.  Beautiful!

I can’t decide if I like the color or black and white version the best. 



S, S, & S – there are many more great ones like this!  I’m having trouble narrowing them down. 🙂 Have fun on your cruise!  I’ll have your website up by Monday.


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