Some beautiful little girls

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  I actually made it to the gym today – for the first time in several weeks.  Seems like every time I want to start a routine, Sydney gets sick which means I can’t put her in the nursery.  So after being stuck in the house for 2 whole weeks, it felt great to get out and get on the treadmill.  It also feels like I’ve been dragging to get orders processed lately.  Thanks for everyone that has been so patient! 

Here is the first of two little girls I photographed at the beginning of March.  I absolutely LOVE photographing little girls!  Maybe because I have one myself, I don’t know.  But they are just so cute and have the cutest little outfits.  I fell in love with Miss C’s dress.  So beautiful!

To give you a little background about this sweety and her family….I photographed her big sister a year and a half ago when big sister was only 3 months old.  Mom and Dad had tried for a while to get pregnant and had finally adopted a precious little girl.  Well….I’m sure you’ve heard this before….almost as soon as they adopted, they found out they were expecting Miss C.  So their little girls are *I think* 11 months apart.  Crazy!  Mom said it has been quite a ride, but they are both beautiful and I’m sure will grow up to be very close friends as well as sisters.  Next time she promised to get both of them in to see me together.  Fun!

One of the few smiles I got.  She was very calm and serious for most of the shoot…


Look at that pout!



"I don’t care how silly you’re acting, I’m not going to smile…"


Oh!  Finally! There’s one!  Such a cutie…



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