Summer schedule and timelines

I just wanted to let everyone know that my summer schedule is going to be pretty limited.  I will be traveling quite a bit and will be gone a lot of weekends during June and July.  If anyone is needing a session during these months, please contact me as soon as possible before all my open slots fill up. 

I also wanted to give a shout out to those clients currently waiting to receive print orders.  I just want you to know I'm working as fast as I can.  But due to a few larger than normal orders and a really bad sinus headache this weekend, my turnaround time for order fulfillment is looking to be at least 4 weeks.  Thank you all for your patience and understanding.  I'm going on vacation next weekend and will try very hard to at least get all current orders sent away to the lab before I leave.  Otherwise I'll be taking my laptop with me to try to get caught up during that week!  It feels like I'm still waiting for things to "slow down" since Christmas.  And now this year's "busy" holiday season is right around the corner. 

One thing I hope all my current and future clients understand about me is that my family comes first, especially my time at home with my daughter during the week.  It's funny because when I worked in corporate America, I had no problem keeping my family time a priority.  It was easy because I didn't totally enjoy what I was doing.  But it's different with my photography.  I love every minute of it….my work, my clients, all of it!  So it's definitely harder resist filling up every minute of every weekend with sessions, or spending all my time working on images on the computer.  All that to say, thank you again for understanding and for being so patient and supportive.


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