Sydney’s 2 year shoot – a little late

I know I have posted bits and pieces of some of the images I got at Sydney’s photo shoot back in April, but now I wanted to devote a full post to the event.  It was not the easiest session.  She was the first of several two year olds I worked with this year.  Yes, she’s my daughter, which always increases the level of difficulty, but I’ve decided most two year olds are just plain not interested in having their picture taken.  I still was able to get a handful of great images of her by herself as well as with my hubby and I (thanks to Aimee), and with her local grandparents (my in-laws). 

First of all I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to my good friend Aimee Reed for tagging along on this shoot.  She got some great shots of me in action (which I don’t get to see too often). 

Syd 01

I love this series.  It shows off my fabulous Shootsac.  I LOVE this camera bag.  I bought it when I started shooting with multiple lenses last year.  It makes it very easy to switch them out during the session (without having to wear a fanny pack!).  And not only does it function well, it’s very fashionable!

Syd 02

At the beginning of the shoot, Sydney was more interested in picking up oranges on FSC’s campus than anything else.

Syd 03 V

I just love this one with Grandmama and Granddaddy…

Syd 04

Syd 05 V

Syd 06 V

Did I mention how great of a job Aimee did?  See more of her work here. She’s a working mom who shares my love of photography.  I enjoy talking with her about all the latest trends and happenings in the photography world.  She is also an amazing woman of God.  I am blessed to have her in my life.  Oh…and she’s becoming a great photographer. 🙂

Syd 07

This is so typical of Sydney and her daddy… 

Syd 08

Sydn 09

The end….

Syd 10 V  


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