The Davidson Mission

I’d like to introduce you to the Davidsons.  Alan and Tywonn are an awesome couple that called me about doing new headshots for their website  They will be leaving in early 2009 for the mission field in Africa.  Alan is a counselor and plans to work with missionaries and their families.  Tywonn is a nurse and will be working directly with the native people administering much needed medicines.   I admire them so much for their faith and willingness to follow God’s call on their lives.  Be sure to check out their website and blog for their latest news and mission plans.

We got a lot of great shots of them together…


One of my favorite gates downtown…


Another trio collage…love these…


Oh yeah, we also got their headshots….



Alan & Tywonn, it was an honor and privilege to meet you.  I’ll be praying for you during the coming year!


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