Hello blog world! I hope and pray everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Our family enjoyed lots of time with loved ones from out of town, driving around looking at Christmas lights, a crazy trip to the mall a few days before Christmas, a date night to Celebration and Bass Pro (strange combo I know), and lots of great food.  My parents just left today, so it's back to a normal routine and back to my blog.  I enjoyed a little bit of time off from the computer this last week, but I'm anxious to finish sharing all the amazing family sessions I had before Thanksgiving.  I'm sure everyone's Christmas cards have been sent, so it's safe to share a lot of these images now. 

This is the 'P' family.  I had a fun idea of hanging Christmas ornaments in the weeds for their session.  I'm really pleased with how this turned out.  It rained at this location right before they arrived.  The lighting almost makes some of these shots look a true winter landscape.  This is a beautiful family and I thoroughly enjoyed photographing them for the second year in a row.










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