The ‘R’ Family [Colorado family photography]

A month ago, my family decided to take a trip to Colorado for a vacation.  We spent an amazing 4 days exploring Rocky Mountain National park.  It was the perfect trip…the weather was gorgeous, the aspens were turning yellow, the kids enjoyed all the hiking and exploring.    I could go on and on!  But one of the things on my wish list was to do a family session while we were there.  And my wish came true!  This family were good friends of mine, and great clients years ago before they moved to Colorado.  They acted as our personal tour guides on our first day.  We had a blast hiking and exploring together all day before they got cleaned up for pictures.   I was so excited to do another session for them only with the Rocky Mountains as our backdrop.    So amazing!   We even had a couple of elk wandering nearby as we were shooting.  I included a couple of elk shots at the end to show how close they were.   Thank you R family for all your help with our trip and for taking time out of your busy schedules to spend the day with us!!!



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