About a month ago I got a call from the sweetest lady asking about getting her daughter’s picture taken in her Christening gown.  This was a very big deal for this family as they have pictures of several generations of family members in the same beautiful long gown.  They had to retire the old dress as it was getting too fragile, so my client’s baby girl was the first (of many more generations I’m sure) to wear a brand new dress.   Mom had taken Ms. A to several different photographers but couldn’t quite get "the shot" to match all the portraits of prior generations.  We had a lot of fun before the shoot discussing what the ideal shot would be.  Mom even had some relatives in Mississippi take digital pictures of the portraits hanging on her mother’s wall for me to "study" beforehand.  Well, I was told that when Grandma saw these, she cried.  We got "it" – and then some!  This first one is "the shot" to go on the family wall, and the second one is Mom’s favorite.   I can’t wait for Ms. A’s first birthday when we get to do some fun casual stuff!  But for now, I love the elegant classic look of these.




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