Today I'm going to share with you two families that I had the privilege of photographing in the fall of last year.  I only point that out in case you notice their fall/winter clothing.  Wouldn't want you to think they were crazy for dressing that way in the dead of summer!  These images are just too beautiful NOT to share on the blog…even if they're a little late. 

The 'W' family came all the way from Virginia.  They were in the area visiting family for Thanksgiving.  So I met them at their grandmother's gorgeous piece of property.  I was so excited when I arrived and saw where we'd be shooting.  And I was even more excited when I saw their two beautiful little girls.  They were all truly a pleasure to work with, and I hope to get another chance to do so the next time they come for a visit.



This little girl has the most beautiful hair of any 2 year old I've met!




And this image just cracks me up! Hope that grass tasted yummy!


Beautiful family…



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