This little baby boy belongs to good friends of mine. I have photographed their older girls many times over the years, and now they have a little boy! Mom came over with him ahead of the rest of the family to try to get some sleeping newborn pictures, but no such luck! Even though he is normally a great sleeper, the lights and new surroundings kept him wide awake. I was so excited to use my red chair again, especially since his nursery is blue with cherry red accents. How perfect is this first picture for his room I haven’t touched these up at all, but wanted to give mom a sneak peak and to let her know that we did get some great shots, even though it was a little hectic and didn’t necessarily feel like it. So here you go guys – he is so adorable!

This one’s a keeper!…


He looks just like his daddy…


Wasn’t sure if we got a good one of the three of them together…but I LOVE this one. Big sisters look so adoring and loving towards their new baby brother…



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  1. Love the red chair shot! So Modern! Just love the way you have that stark white background…really cool.

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