Vanessa class of 2016 [Lakeland Senior Photography]

I love working with teenagers.  And I love high school seniors especially.   This particular senior had been on my calendar for a couple of months.  I have photographed her several times over the years and was so excited to meet with her for this occasion.  She’s a truly beautiful girl, inside and out.   Her beautiful mama jumped in to some of the pictures too which is always fun.   The day we met was probably one of the hottest days in the month of December – I think the high was 87 degrees.  We were all melting, but you wouldn’t know it looking at her images!  Here are just a few of MANY.  She rocked this session – she could seriously be a model.   Congrats Vanessa!  Good luck with your last semester! 2016-01-21_00022016-01-21_00032016-01-21_00042016-01-21_00052016-01-21_00062016-01-21_00072016-01-21_00102016-01-21_00112016-01-21_00122016-01-21_00132016-01-21_00152016-01-21_00162016-01-21_0017


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