2007 Recap VIII – Babies

Finally, this was a busy year for babies.  I photographed 4 newborns just in the weeks before and after Thanksgiving.  I’ve already posted one, and the other two I have not had a chance to process yet.  But here’s the smallest of them all.  This baby girl was so tiny!  And her daddy’s hands are so big!  He wanted this first shot for his office wall.  She was so good – we were able to get plenty of awake and asleep poses, yeah!   Hearing this family’s story will make you realize what you take for granted when having children.  They went through several miscarriages, and I think two failed adoptions before finally having little Miss B on their own.  She’s a miracle baby!



Miss B’s Baby Bits collage – I love little baby fingers and toes!


Well – that’s all for the 2007 Holiday Recap.  I still have several more shoots that haven’t been processed and posted yet.  But you know what – you’re just going to have to wait for the new website!  I’m working right now on an all new Beth Carter Photography flash website to launch by February (hopefully!) at the latest.  It will be full full full of all my favorites, some new, some old – I can’t wait! 

Thanks to all my 2007 families.  Thank you for making this year such a success and for allowing me the privilege of capturing this time in your family’s lives.  Best of luck in the new year and I hope to see you again soon!


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