I love my job…

You may think I’m referring to my photography business.  I do love photography, but I’m actually talking about my job as Sydney’s mom.   Her personality is really starting to show and I just love it.  She does the funniest things these days.  Like yesterday, she stuck her finger in a small tube and when she […]

I love lists!

I got back to town on Saturday.  Spent a relaxing day with my family on Sunday.  Then Sunday night I made a list….I’m very much a list person.  It’s so much less stressful to have everything written down that has to be done.  Plus I feel a great sense of accomplishment as I am able […]

One more time

I’m leaving today for my last vacation of the summer.  This time I’m taking my daughter to visit my grandparents.   The last time they saw her was this time last year when she was only 4 months old.  What a difference a year makes!  I will have limited access to my email while I’m away, […]