A tip for blog stalkers

Has anyone heard of the term "blog stalker"?  You know, a person who looks at other people’s blogs on a daily basis.  Even blogs belonging to people you’ve never met before.   Is there anyone willing to admit to being a blog stalker besides me?  I can’t help it – they are addictive!  Well I learned a great tip from one of the blogs that I stalk – it’s called Google Reader.  Here’s the link: http://www.google.com/reader.  You can create your own account, enter as many blogs as your little heart desires, and boom – it checks them all for new content for you every time you log on!  It really is amazing.  What used to take me a while to go through my favorites and check all my saved blogs, now takes one click of the mouse to see if anyone has posted anything new.   I love technology.


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