It has been a while since I’ve gotten a really good image of my daughter Sydney.  She is just not the easiest little girl to take pictures of right now.  Maybe she’s too used to me taking pictures or something, but she completely ignores me or runs away when I have a camera in my hands.  Or, when I pick up a camera, she sits there with a stiff "Cheese" face.  It’s just really hard right now.  I’m planning to do a real photo shoot of her downtown next month for her 18th month old portrait.  (Start praying for me now!) But this weekend I tried to get a shot because I liked her outfit or the lighting was nice.  These first few are from Sunday.  Cute new dress – but would she have anything to do with me taking her picture?  No! 

This is probably the best one I got of just her…


This is the look I got when I asked her to look at me and smile…


Here’s a nice one of Sydney with her daddy…



Yesterday I tried again because the light coming in our back door was very pretty.  She cooperated MUCH more than she did the day before.  (Notice the crooked ponytails! This was after a long hard day of play)…



There’s that "cheese" face I was talking about….


Finally – a real smile…


And just for fun – and because I don’t have very many of these since I’m usually behind the camera – here’s a nice family shot that my mother-in-law took of us at dinner the other night…


Hopefully next month will be easier.  I’ll keep you posted!  And don’t worry – I NEVER have a problem getting a good shot of other people’s kids.  Just my own. 🙂


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