Extreme Home Makeover

No I was not selected to receive a new home from ABC, but I have been busy giving the main living areas of my house an extreme makeover.  Any of you that have had a studio shoot with me know that my studio is in my dining room.   There are many advantages to having an in-home studio, first and foremost being NO ADDITIONAL OVERHEAD.  However, in preparation for each photo shoot, I (meaning my husband usually) would have to stack the dining room table and chairs in the kitchen – and pretty much it was one big cluttered mess.  Well I am VERY happy to say this is no longer the case.  We have converted my dining room into a full time studio.  We have spent the last two weeks painting and painting and painting, moving furniture, putting furniture in storage, replacing fixtures, collecting a huge pile of stuff for a garage sale, and did I mention painting?  What a difference already!  We are not completely finished…. still need to put the finishing touches on the walls and we haven’t finished overhauling the bathroom yet, but we hope to be done in another month.  I will post pictures of the new Beth Carter Photography studio soon! 

One change that affects all of you as a result of these renovations is the way you will place your portrait orders.  I now have a nice viewing area where I will present you with a slideshow of your session.  After this we will go through your images together to place your order.  While placing your order, you will have the option of purchasing a proof website for $10 that will be active for 60 days.   This is a great way to share your session images with friends and family.   If they would like to purchase any prints, they will be able to contact me directly to do so.  I am researching a new way of doing the proof websites that will allow you and your loved ones to order reprints directly from the proof site.  But I will share more about that when the time comes.

Ok, now it’s back to painting….


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