I had the special privilege of photographing another bride on Saturday.  We were supposed to go to Hollis Gardens downtown.  I had even called ahead of time and found out there was actually NOT a wedding going on that afternoon (this is highly unusual).  I was so excited we were actually going to shoot IN the gardens.  Usually if there’s a wedding, we have to shoot around the outer perimeter and the lake, but can’t really use the best spots in the gardens.   But unfortunately the weather made us change our plans.  We had a tropical storm come through Friday and then it was extremely windy on Saturday.  So we moved the shoot into the studio.  Of course we still got some beautiful images!  Like I said before, how can you go wrong with the beautiful girl, the hair, the dress, the jewelry….  And this girl and her mom were so sweet and fun to work with.  Thanks to both of you!  I look forward to meeting with you next week to pick out your favorites.  It’s gonna be hard!






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  1. Wow, I’m so pleased with these photos! Your work is truly amazing — my mom is so emotional about seeing these. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to meet and pick “the one!”

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