This weekend I went to a client’s house and took pictures of their two boys (3 years old and 11 months old).  These guys are so adorable!  The three year old repeated everything I said – which was cracking me up.  And the little guy was just all smiles the entire time.  We got some really fun shots…here are a "few" of my favorites…

Daddy went to the Masters golf tournament and brought back matching Masters polo’s and hats for the kids.   It was hard getting them to keep their hats on!



The family had an awesome over-sized armchair in their living room that Dad was kind enough to move outside for me.  I think it was worth the effort…


Older brother was so good about posing for me.  He pretty much did everything I asked, and then some!


And how could anyone resist this face?


This little guy was such a cutie – look at those cheeks!


You can’t help but smile when you see this one….pure joy…



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