New collage idea

This week I got to see one of my favorite little girls again.  She is one of the easiest babies to work with, she’s usually just all smiles.  I had to go through her proofs with a fine tooth comb to get the number of images down to a reasonable 40 to pick from.  It was so hard, they were all so good! 

Since she was only a few weeks away from her first birthday, I tested out a new collage idea.  Here’s the result….


I also have the letters for "TWO", so bring in those 1 and 2 year old birthday kids for this adorable collage!  Unless a bigger size is requested – I’m selling this as an 8×10 for $45.

Ms. L also just started walking (and she’s not even 1 – poor mom!), so here are some great walking shots.  Can you tell how happy she is to be getting around on her own two feet?

La41  La35 La42

I just found out that Ms. L has a little brother or sister on the way – I hope he/she is as photogenic as this one!


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