‘B’ Family

I met up with this sweet family at their family home in Davenport. There are so many things that made this session special…

This family had me laughing…..a lot! They were truly just fun to be around for the hour I was there. The adult children grew up here and some of them still live on the property. I got to hear all kinds of stories from their childhood, and I just love that now the young boys get to experience growing up in the same place as their dad and aunt. The patriarch / dad / grandpa of the family passed away some time ago, but they remembered him in these by using his old truck as a backdrop, and having his grandkids pose on the tractor. I’m a sentimental sap, so I just loved both of those ideas! It was a pretty dark and dreary evening, but just a little bit of sun shone through at the end….maybe grandpa looking down on everyone?


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